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Grow Your Business With Lead Magnet Documents - Content Marketing | Doctrends

Grow Your Business With Lead Magnet Documents - Content Marketing

Are you an aspiring business individual who wants to grow your business in a fast and professional way? Then, you can use content marketing with lead magnet documents. Online media is now a significant part of the daily lifestyle of the millions of people all over the world. With this, you must take advantage of it to boost the sales of your business.

To help you more about lead magnet documents, the following are some of its types that you can use to build your brand.

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Report/ Guide Guides and reports are the most popular types of lead magnets. If you prefer to use this one, you must be very careful. Otherwise, you might violate the rule in this lead magnet type.

Handout/ Cheat Sheet Handouts and cheat sheets work well together. This lead magnet is usually very short and comes to an ultra-specific point. You can use this as mind maps, checklists, as well as blueprints.

Video Training If you have the skills and talents, you can make a video as a useful tool to deliver your lead magnet.

Resource List/ Toolkit A resource list or a toolkit can help you to generate a useful lead magnet. It can help you to deliver a starter kit and templates for the right business. Design Thinking for Educators can provide you with this free toolkit procedure overview, instructions and methods that can transform your design thinking into action.

Free Trial/ Software DownloadMost of the software businesses use this lead magnet. Here you can ask for an opt-in for a free trial.

Free Shipping/ DiscountWhen you sell products offline or online, you can use the discount or free shipping as a lead magnet. It can help you to get more potential customers by simply offering free overnight shipping.

Test/ AssessmentA test or an assessment can be delivered online to help you boost the speed of gratification and consumption. It can serve as your powerful lead magnet to improve the sales of your business.

Survey/ QuizA survey or an online quiz is an efficient way to generate more leads. To receive the results of the survey and quiz, your participants must provide their email address. Then, you can deliver the results on their email address. Moreover, you can also implement a quiz building tool such as Interact to make these quizzes. With this lead magnet, you can have the chance to interact with your potential customers.

Sales Material/ BlindUsually, the essential details in the market are the description of the services and products and the pricing. One of the best ideas is the Ikea. It gathers contact information for exchange for their catalogue. Then, they can digitally deliver it to speed up the gratification and consumption.

Tips for a successful lead magnet

Be SpecificIf you want to have a strong lead magnet, you must be clear about it. Thus, vagueness in this marketing technique can’t help you generate more leads for your business. Therefore, you must have a specific and clear solution to an ultra-specific market.

One big thingIt is natural that everyone desires a ‘silver bullet’ or ‘magic pill.’ Therefore, you must deliver one big thing or promise to your clients. This lead magnet must provide an ultra-specific promise to help you gain the trust of your clients.

Shift the RelationshipAside from informing, the lead magnet can also change the mindset of your target audience to engage future business with you.

Immediate GratificationIf you want a useful lead magnet, you must prevent multi-day courses and newsletters as your lead magnet.

High Actual Value If your lead magnet is weak, then you can still get the contact details of your target audience, but you can lose their interests. So, it is necessary for you to efficiently deliver the goods.

High Perceived ValueWhen it is free, it doesn’t suggest that it must look free. Therefore, it is highly suggested for you to implement professional imagery and graphics to gain real monetary value from your visitor.

Lead magnets in B2B marketingIf you are in B2B marketing, then you must familiarize yourself with the lead magnet. It is a digital marketing tool to describe something that you offer in exchange for lead handing over their contact information.

Multiple lead magnetsIn order to be an ultra-successful, you must have different offers. You must have a lead magnet that can appeal to your target audiences on the stage of their journey.

The squeeze in the middleOne of the best solutions to use lead magnets is to have various offers on the top of your funnel, and then a squeeze in the middle that can provide you with good qualify needs like assessments, consultations and reports that can work efficiently.

Lead Magnet Ideas for B2CLead magnet also works well with B2C businesses. You can also use whitepapers and e-books to win more customers for your products or services. Lead magnet is crucial for you to grow your b2c business. The following are the best lead magnet ideas for b2c.

Provide a coupon at signupWhen you offer a coupon in the signup, it is more likely for them to come back and purchase your products.

Give an e-book that describes your productsYou must have an e-book given directly to your customers. For example, if you’re selling shoes, you can have an interactive booklet that can present the style and fit you need for length and speed. It can also help you to establish a good relationship with your customer. Another example is when you sell music or software, you can use free downloads to increase your brand reputation.

Give a free sampleWhen you offer a free sample to your potential buyers, you can have the chance to gain more purchases from your valued customers.

To sum it up, lead magnet ideas can be one of your best partners to boost the income of your business.