Content engagement solutions with real-time insight and permission control.

Update and restrict documents after you've sent them. Know which documents are trending with deeper insights. Replay user interactions with Film Replay.

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At your Control

Control permissions, links, branding, contact harvesting, and much more with the flip of switches. White label branding.

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Works on any device and any browser

Your documents optimized to run on any device and any browser automatically. No software needed.

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Know how your viewers interact

Page-by-page Insights, Analytics, and Replay user interactions so you can take action.

Finally a content engagement solution created for

Using Doctrends will take your document management and lead generation to another level one interaction at a time.

Granualar Controls

Page-by-Page Event Insights and Film Replay Of Interactions

Advanced Security with Signed URLs

Extend document functionality

Simple to use interfaces
with no software to download.

Success of your content engagement strategy begins with accessable, easy to use interative software.

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Intuitive Funtionality for your viewers

Tap, Click, Pinch Zoom are some of the genstures your viewers are all used.

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We worked hard to ensure the user experience is incredible

We continue to innovate to succeed at user experience by constantly iterating our products. We know that a great experience for your viewer means higher conversion rates for you.

Replay user Interactions with your documents.

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is worth millions. Replay your user's experience so you can take action.

Keeping track of viewer activity
is simple with dashboards for each and every document.

We've built simple and effective document management interfaces to help your better organize how you engage with your leads, customers and viewers.

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